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Phase 3:
Round of Top 10 - Nusantara Virtual Band Competition



For now, most people do their activities from home. All the event and places related to people gather together has been banned. But, as saying says, “Creativity will not and can not die”, this will not be the reason for you to stop expressing yourself through your creativity. But it will be time for you to keep expressing your voice and creativity in a new way during self quarantine at home.

In order to support the government’s program to against the pandemic but with the spirit refuses to not stop expressing our self and our creativity, we are creating “Nusantara Virtual Band Competition” as a call out to all local musician and music enthusiast! Let’s join “Nusantara” Virtual Band Competition in Indonesia and show your talent through digital platform.


Event Information

For more info about our Event, check this out!

Terms and condition for Nusantara virtual Band Participant #KaryaSangJuara :

  • Nusantara Virtual Band Competition #KaryaSangJuara is a music competition to produce local songs, and it could be implemented with any genres, through judges selection process
  • Registration for the Nusantara Virtual Band Competition #KaryaSangJuara consists of online registration
  • Open Registration for any group band from Indonesia
  • Member of the band should be Indonesian min. 18 years, on 31 December 2019
  • The Group band required to have active social media (Twitter/Instagram/Facebook) and must follow @Nusantara_VBC
  • The Group band required to attached band profile and band personnel with PDF format
  • Participants are not charged anything to participate in the Nusantara Virtual Band Competition #KaryaSangJuara

  • The Participants required to send 1 song cover video from any indonesian musician/Band
  • Song should be in Indonesian
  • You could cover the song with any genre of music
  • Song duration should be in between 3-6 minutes
  • Submission with online platform on www.nusantarvbc.com with link file video clip with MP4 format

    • Resolution High Definition
    • Max duration 6 minutes
    • The video sent can be in the format of Live recording or edited recording (Visual Edited)
    • Format file : Image (jpg, png, tiff file)
    • Max size 10 MB
    • Deadline submission 15 september 2020, 11.59 PM

  • Total Price hundred million rupiah :
  • 1st place: Cash 50 million rupiah + Exclusive contract with CKH Entertainment
  • 2nd place: Cash 30 million rupiah
  • 3rd place: Cash 20 million rupiah
  • Top 10 nomination will be join on album compilation “Karya Sang Juara” with CKH Entertainment
  • Favourite Performance : Cash 5 million
  • Favourite Wardrobe : Cash 5 million
  • Favourite Editing Video : Cash 5 million

  • Q : How should we enter the competition ?
  • A : For competition registration, please refer to our Terms and Conditions.
  • Q : Can I enter the competition more than once ?
  • A : No, each participant can only enter the competition once.
  • Q : Are we allowed to do our own original songs ?
  • A : It is possible, participants are allowed to bring their own songs or bring Indonesian band songs that speak Indonesian.
  • Q : Will I be able to enter the competition if my teacher is amongst the judges ?
  • A : Yes, you can.
  • Q : If a participant enters the final, can they perform the same song as the song that was submitted ?
  • A : yes you can, but the committee suggested to sing another song so that it could show the quality of the participants.
  • Q : Is there an age limit ?
  • A : You can participate as long as you are above 18.
  • Q : How can I find out if I have been shortlisted for the competition ?
  • A : We will contact you via the contact details you have given us via email during your submission.
  • Q : Can we audition in person instead ?
  • A : No, all audition clips must be submitted online.
  • Q : I have participated in televised music competitions; can I still enter the competition ?
  • A : Yes you can, as long as you’ve never been, or are not currently contracted to any recording label or have resident gigs at any venues. Please see clause 4 for further details.
  • Q : Can we use previously recorded footage or performances as our audition video ?
  • A : You may submit (i) an original video recorded and made specifically for this competition or (ii) a previously recorded video performance provided that it was recorded within the past 2 (two) months and it captures your band’s current image and sound of a live performance.
  • If you have any other questions regarding this event, please email us directly to : nusantaravbc@gmail.com with subject : Questions NVBC


The Judges

Give your best performance because the judges are the professional Singer, Producer, and musician.


Ferdy Element

Ferdy Kusuma Tahier Siboro is a singer and actor in Indonesia. His early career began with being a vocalist in the band Element. In 2009, he played in the film "Bukan Cinta Biasa". In 2010, he formed his side project band called Rocker Kasarunk with the single "Bisa Gila". But not only in the music group, he also had a solo career by releasing the song Cinta Selamatkanku.


Didi Element

Rahmat Riyadi, also known as Didi Riyadi, is a musician and actor in Indonesia. Didi Riyadi started his career in the entertainment by following the teen magazine model.

Didi filled in the position of drummer in a band that was popular in the early 2000s. Element has released at least seven albums with a series of songs that become hits such as Rahasia Hati, Cinta Tak Bersyarat, Maaf Dari Surga and many more.


Ricky Kevin

Ricky Kevin is a singer who released the single "Berapa Banyak Cinta" at the beginning of 2018 as his debut song. Ricky Kevin started his career in music as a vocalist in several Bandung City bands and until now he has had several singles that can be enjoyed on various music platforms.


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